Sai Sankar Borra is a Senior Data Architect with AI in Medicine for Kids (AIM) at SickKids. Sai is a Microsoft AZURE AI and Amazon AWS Machine Learning (ML) Certified Professional. He is an experienced AI Architect with over seventeen years of experiencing helping the enterprise business users cater their requirements and transform productive and actionable insights.

He has extensive knowledge in designing, developing and executing end-to-end large-scale enterprise-level analytical projects using ML and AI concepts for business-driven use cases and implementing ML models in AWS Sagemaker, AI services polly, transcribe and event streaming services Kinesis, EMRFS and Apache Spark EMR services. He has developed ML models using Natural Language processing for customer sentiment analysis on new products, predicting the next word and language translation models. He has also built models using stacked and bidirectional LSTM with encoder and decoder layer.

In addition, he has developed language translation, next word prediction models.