About AIM

Building on the world-class paediatric expertise and research knowledge at SickKids, AIM helps innovators develop targeted artificial intelligence solutions to improve health outcomes and delivery of care for children. AIM is a part of SickKids’ Precision Child Health initiative, supporting the future of individualized paediatric care at SickKids and beyond.

AI in Medicine for Kids

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Our Vision

Changing what is possible in health care through artificial intelligence.

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Our Mission

To become a leader in personalizing paediatric care through applied artificial intelligence.


We are leveraging SickKids’ world-class paediatric, research and technology expertise to develop AI solutions that put patients first.


We have vast amounts of rich historical and real-time data that will drive clinical, research and operational breakthroughs.

SickKids Strategy

We are a core part of the SickKids 2025 Strategic Plan to use the power of AI to enable Precision Child Health and the future of individualized care.


We are partnering with industry, research collaborators and philanthropists to change what is possible in health care through AI.

Ethics: Accountable AI

We are integrating a high standard of scientific and ethical review to hold ourselves accountable to our goal of promoting benefit – to patients, parents, clinicians and the health-care system.

Areas of Focus

AIM is developing a unique paediatric methodology for the integration of AI and data science into clinical care. Five pillars have been identified and structured to oversee the integration and smooth transition of projects. Alongside leading experts in AI and high computing, our team is establishing the infrastructure, policies, processes and priorities needed to move research advances into front-line care.


Develop a governance framework that encompasses the people, processes, policies and procedures required to create, facilitate, implement and evaluate AI projects. These frameworks will also cover topics such as privacy and clinical/research ethics.


Engage various audiences through ongoing program communication and provide opportunities to train, educate and foster greater understanding of AI and the SickKids approach to leveraging the technology.


Create a standardized and agile toolkit for SickKids innovators to implement solutions that help solve clinical problems across the paediatric health-care system.


Establish best practices around development and solution build while providing a sustainable model for ongoing solution maintenance following implementation phases of AI projects.